The Dina, also known in Taiwan as the Chuang Zao Zhe 50 is a home video game console of the third generation originally manufactured by Bit Corporation, later sold in the United States by Telegames as the Telegames Personal Arcade. It is a clone of both the ColecoVision and Sega SG-1000 consoles, with one cartridge slot for each platform, and came bundled with the game Meteoric Shower, which was built into the system.





Same as the DINA but sold in the US by Telegames USA. Telegames never advertised its compatibility with the SG-1000.




Manufacturer : Bit Corporation
Model : Bit 90 Home Computer
Origin : Taiwan (Old-Computers put it in South Korea)
Year of manufacture / commercialization : 1983 according to Old-Computers, 1984 according to Retroinformatica.net
CPU : Z80, at 3.6Mhz according to Retroinformatica.net and 3.85Mhz according to Old-Computers (is it possible that the discrepancies are due to the differences between PAL and NTSC models?).
Video : generated by a Texas Instruments VDC . TMS9929 in the case of PALs, TMS9118 in the case of the NTSC console.
RAM : 2Kb brand new
VRAM : 16Kb
Sound : generated by a Texas Instruments SN76489
Included language : Bit90 Basic 3.1
Connections : two joystick ports, one Colecovision compatible cartridge port, one expansion port, RF output, audio / video / tape player port, power connector. The video output is RF or composite video, not RGB as stated in the instructions, in The Museum or in Old-Computers.



VIDEO____________MANUAL_________________ FLYER




Coleco game adapter for SVI-3x8 systems. MANUAL